Zenith Bank Loan 2023; How to Apply a Loan from Zenith Bank in Nigeria

On this page, you shall discover how to apply for and get an approved Zenith Bank loan offer.

Searching for a quick cash loans in Nigeria? You are just on the right page as we will be walking you through on all you need to know about Zenith Bank loan which include the application procedures, loan types and loan eligibilities.

Zenith Bank Nigeria is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria. The bank was first founded in May 1990 and since then; it was licensed by the CBN to carry out financial services throughout the country.

According to a bank research record released in 2021, Zenith Bank PLC is tagged the best commercial bank in Nigeria. With hundreds of branching and qualified customer service representatives, Zenith Bank is leading top among all other banks in Nigeria at the moment.

Zenith Bank Loan

Just like any other CBN approved banks in Nigeria, Zenith Bank as well offers transparent loan services to all their customers. Not just that they offer loans but loans without collateral.

Currently, only few Nigerian banks can brag of offering free loans without collateral to their customers but Zenith Bank is different. They offer Loans to all their customers irrespective of who you are or your personality.  Be you a student, worker or a house wife, you can request and get approved almost immediately once you follow our loan request guide on NairaSide.

Types of Loan offered by Zenith Bank in Nigeria

Zenith Bank of Nigeria just like any top Nigerian bank offers very large varieties of loan from different categories. These types of loans include;

  • Personal Loan
  • Business Loan
  • SME loans
  • Agricultural Loan
  • Pay Day loan
  • Education Loan
  • Quick/Instant Loan
  • Pay My Bills Loan
  • Mortgage loan

All types of loan offered by Zenith are awesome except it’s left for you to select what type of loan you want to request for.

Zenith Bank Loan Requirement

In order for you to qualify for a loan from Zenith Bank of Nigeria 2020, you will need the following documents and requirement below;

  • Active bank account number from zenith
  • Government approved ID card
  • A passport photograph
  • BVN number
  • Work place ID (not always)

Ways to Request for Zenith Bank Loan

There are basically 3 methods or ways in which you can request for a loan from Zenith Bank and get approved within 24 hours. These methods can be found below;

  • USSD code
  • Filling the online loan request form
  • Apply for quick loans using Zenith Mobile Banking app
  • Visiting any Zenith Bank branch

Either ways you decide to you are a great choice. Though, not all types of loans are eligible for USSD code, mobile app and or the online loan application form. Most loan offers provided by Zenith Bank of Nigeria are mainly for those visiting the bank branch.

You can only request for quick loans if you want to use the fast method which can give you only a maximum of ₦500k.

So without wasting any time, let’s go further in checking out how to request for a Zenith Bank Loan using the mentioned methods above.

How to Request for a Zenith Bank Loan Using USSD Code

To request for a quick loan from Zenith bank using USSD, all you have to do is make use of the Zenith Bank USSD code *966#. Follow below guide on how to use the code for applying for loans from Zenith Bank of Nigeria.

  1. Open your dial pad on your mobile device
  2. Type in this code *966#
  3. Follow the on screen command to locate loans offers and continue from their
  4. View your eligibility status and select continue
  5. Input your loan request amount (must me below your eligible amount)
  6. Select repayment option
  7. Complete loan request application with your valid transaction PIN
  8. Receive your loan in minutes

How to Request for a Zenith Bank Loan Using Mobile App

To request for a loan from Zenith bank using the mobile banking features, follow the below guide;

  1. Download the Zenith Bank mobile banking app from Play store
  2. Install and open the app on your device
  3. Log on to the app using your banking details (account number and phone number verification)
  4. From the account overview tab, locate the three dot located at the top left corner of your screen and click
  5. Scroll down and click on Quick Loans
  6. The next page will open up and show all available loans you qualify for
  7. Click to select any loan offer
  8. On the next page, you will see your maximum eligible amount (note it is determined by how many transactions and how active your account is)
  9. Click on Accept to continue filling your Zenith Lon request form using bank app.
  10. Here you input all your loan request details, repayment option among other etc
  11. Complete your verification by confirming your 4 digit Zenith bank transaction PIN
  12. Get your loan as soon as it’s been approved.

How to Request for a Zenith Loan by Visiting the Bank Branch

This is the best method of requesting for a loan from Zenith Bank. This is because you will have the opportunity to seek help and as well sit with a loan adviser to talk about different types of loans, interest rates and other T &C.

To request for a loan using the bank branch method, follow our below guide;

  1. Search for nearest Zenith Bank branch on Google maps (ignore if you know)
  2. Pick up your valid ID card. Passport photograph and a pen
  3. Walk into the bank and head straight to the customer care representative
  4. Tell them you are here to request/apply for a loan (they’ll direct you to the right office)
  5. Request to learn more about all types of loan they offer from the finance manager and seek for advice
  6. Collect the loan request form and fill in with all valid details about you
  7. Submit and go home
  8. Your loan will be paid approved and paid within 24hrs

Okay so that’s how to request for a loan y visiting Zenith bank branch near you.

How to Pay Back Your Zenith Bank Loan after Due Date

Repayment of Zenith Bank loan is usually automatic and based on information you provided while completing your loan request form. If you select monthly payment, the loan will be automatically deducted from your account every month until loan is completely paid.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay Back in Time?

As mentioned earlier, repayment is on auto pilot so the choice is not really yours to decide when if you will not pay back or not. Though, in an instance whereby your loan payment is due and fund is not available in your account, they loan payment will be extended.

This does not mean you won’t be paying back the loan again instead, the payment will happen as soon as money is made available in your account.

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