How to Check 041 Routing Number for Cash App

041 Routing Number for Cash App: Are you searching for the correct 041 routing number for Cash app? you are welcome as we shall be unveiling the numbers to you as well showing you how to easily check the correct 041 routing number yourself.

What is the 041 Routing Number

The 041 number is referred to as the old routing number while the 073 is known as the new routing number. It is also important to note that the 215 routing number is not the same as 041 routing number on Cash App.

Note: With the 073 or new number your cash deposit hits your account at the speed of light.

below, you will find how to easily locate the new cash app account number for swift cash deposit to you Cash App.

How to locate your cash app account number

As a cash app user you have been allotted a unique account number to enable you to send and receive funds, sometimes you may not have noticed how to locate your account number right on your app.

First of all you will need to download and install the cash app on your mobile device if you are a new user. For advance users,

  • kindly launch your app
  • Click on “Your balance” at the lower end of your screen
  • A 10-digit account number will be displayed.

How to locate your cash app routing number

  • Log in to your app as an advance user
  • Locate and hit the $ sign with your balance
  • You will see your 9-digit routing number under your cash balance
  • The cash app account number can be shared with your employer who’ll be sending in your direct deposit from time to time.

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