GT Bank Loan 2023; How to Apply a Loan from GT Bank in Nigeria

On this page, you will get a detailed guide on how to ally for GT Bank Loan from anywhere in Nigeria.

Searching for a loan offers with low interest rates in Nigeria? Then you might want to consider optioning for GBT loan.

You sure will be guided on all you need to know in relation to GT bank loan application process, interest rates, eligibility and requirements on this page. Therefore, make sure to read the whole of this content. Before then, let’s learn a little about GTB Nigeria.

GT Bank Nigeria; About, Loan Types, Interest Rates & Loan Eligibility

Guarantee Trust Bank also known as GTB is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria. GTB was first founded in January 1990 with its headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria. Prior to their establishment in 1990s, the bank was licensed under the Central Bank of Nigeria to carry out financial services throughout the country.

Since then, GTB has grown to be among the top 5 Nigerian banks of all time when analyzed based on customer support and reviews. According to Wikipedia report 2022, Guarantee Trust Bank is the bank with the highest number of employee record in Nigeria at recent time.

GT Bank Loan

GTB has made it easy for their customer to be able to request and get approved on loan offers. They are among the top Nigerian banks in Nigeria offering loans with low interest rates and without collateral.

Not many Nigerian banks can boast of solving loan issues in Nigeria like Guarantee Trust Bank. We will be sharing the exact method you can use to request for a loan from GT bank and get approved within 24 hours in Nigeria. This method has nothing to do with you personally or what you do for a living as GTB has made it possible.

Even as a student in Nigeria, you can still request and get approved within 24hours. This is not just all those loan content you are seeing online, these methods has been tried out by different individuals and proofs to be highly efficient.

Types of Loan offered by GT Bank in Nigeria

Guarantee Trust Bank offers up to 8 different types of loans for their customers. These types of loan offered by GTB can be seen below;

  1. Personal loans (Quick Loan)
  2. GT Salary advance loan
  3. School fees advance loan
  4. Max advance loan
  5. Max Plus loan
  6. Computer advance loan
  7. GT Mortgage loan
  8. Premium advance loan

GT Bank Loan Requirement & Eligibility Checks

  • Active GT Bank account number
  • BVN number
  • Utility bill
  • Recent passport photograph
  • Government issued ID or work place id card.

GT Bank Loan Interest Rates

GT Bank Loan interest rate is 1.33% monthly which is just okay compared to other loan service providers.

Ways to Request for GT Bank Loan

GT Bank has four basic ways customers can request for a loan and get approved within 48hrs. These 4 basic methods include;

  • USSD Loan code
  • Internet Banking
  • GTB Mobile banking App
  • GT Bank Branch

How to Request for a GT Bank Loan Using USSD Code

This method is not available for al l types of loan for some of them needs some paper works. This method is best for GT quick credit loans. All you need here is the GT Bank loan USSD code which is *737*51*51# and you are good to go. Follow our below guide to learn how to request for GT loan making use of GTB USSD loan code.

  • Dial *737*51*51# from your registered bank SIM cards
  • Follow the on-screen command by replying with figures
  • The next page should show you the maximum amount of loan your account is eligible to get
  • Accept then proceed to next page where you will be ask to fill your loan form via USSD (this is where you input your loan request amount and others)
  • Select proceed.
  • The next page should show you loan interest rate and other bank charges including VAT which will be charge upfront.
  • Accept the terms and also input your transaction PIN to complete your loan request form.
  • Receive your loan within few minutes
  • Spend it wisely

How to Request for a Guarantee Trust Bank Loan Using Mobile App

  • First you will need to download the GT Bank mobile app from App Store
  • Logon to your account using your account details
  • On the menu icon you will find quick loans
  • Click on it
  • Now you should see your eligible loan amount (click next)
  • Now you accept terms and condition
  • Fill your loan request form via the app appropriately
  • The next page will show you interest rates and other loan charges
  • Accept and complete your loan request form by simply inputting your transaction PIN in the appropriate field
  • Receive your loan within few minutes
  • Spend it wisely

How to Request for a Guarantee Trust Bank Loan by Visiting the Bank Branch

As mentioned above, there are 4 methods which you can use to request for Guarantee Trust loan in Nigeria and get approved. Now we are here on the final and the most recommended method of accessing full loan banking system in Nigeria. Follow our guide to learn more on how to apply for GT Bank loan by visiting the bank branch near you.

  1. Use Google Maps to locate the nearest Guarantee Trust Bank near you
  2. Gather your IDs, Utility bill and 2 passport photograph and head to bank
  3. Head straight to the customer care representative and tell them you are here to apply for a loan (they should direct you to the finance or branch manager)
  4. Talk about different types of loan with the finance/branch manager
  5. Get details about their interest rates and other charges
  6. Collect the loan request form and fill with valid details
  7. Photo copy your ID and tag together with form and submit the form for approval
  8. Go home and wait to receive your loan from provided account details (usually within 48hrs)

How to Pay Back Your GT Bank Loan after Due Date

Paying back of GTB loan is automatic. Meaning GTB will automatically deduct their money from your account when the loan period is due.

NOTE: It works handy with repayment option you selected while filling your loan request form.

What happens if I Don’t Pay Back in Time?

In a situation where the loan period is due and your account balance is low, GT Bank will pause the deduction process. The deduction will take place immediately fund is made available in your account.

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