Fidelity Bank Loan 2023: How to Apply for a Loan from Fidelity Bank in Nigeria

On this page, you will discover how to apply for and get an approved Fidelity Bank Loan offer 2023.

Seeking for a loan in times of need could be troubling and so alarming. However, it’s not so in recent time as this is of the past.

Nowadays, one can sit in his home and applied for a loan offers just with his/her cell phone and get approved within minutes.

This surely, is why we came up with this content idea as Fidelity bank loan application and approval can be done remotely and one of the fastest if I must add. As promised above, we’ll walk you through on all you need to know in relation to how to apply for a loan offer from Fidelity Bank and get approved within few minutes.

Fidelity Bank Loan: Introduction, Loan Types & Requirements

When talking about loan offers and grants in Nigeria, Fidelity Bank loan too cannot be left behind. Being swift, fast and transparent in terms of service to individuals and business entities, Fidelity bank loan has grown to be one of the best banking loans you can come across in Nigeria.

In fact, they are one of the top best banking loan providers who issue loan offers to Nigerians without the need of collateral in place. This is because at Fidelity, they believe offering value to people should be more of what to be considered in improving the banking system of the country across all regions.

There are so many reasons why you will want to option for a Fidelity loan which may include, financing your business, investing, paying for school or accommodation, paying for some valuables etc. In consideration of this, Fidelity bank come of with various types of loan to services most of your needs. However, all the loan types offered by Fidelity have different features. You will find some of the loan types offered by Fidelity Bank below.

Types of Loan offered by Fidelity Bank in Nigeria

Fidelity Bank has a large variety of loan offers and opportunities for their customers to choose from. Be you a worker, student or a small business owner.

Here are some loan offers provided by Fidelity Bank PLC

  1. Personal loan
  2. Payday loan
  3. Salary loan
  4. Student loan
  5. Business loan
  6. Agricultural loan

Fidelity Bank Loan Requirement

Just like any other legitimate loan organization or body, Fidelity Bank as well have requirements that need to be made before one can qualify for a loan.

These requirement s are not much so we here are sure you can handle it.

They include;

  1. Having an active Fidelity bank account number
  2. A BVN number
  3. Government issued ID card/work place ID card (in some cases)
  4. 2 copies of recent passport photograph
  5. Utility bill of not more than 3 month

Fidelity Bank Loan Application Methods

Currently, there are three ways you can use to request for a loan from Fidelity Bank from anywhere in Nigeria. This is regardless of who you are, where you are from and what you do for a living.

So below are the three methods to request a Fidelity Bank loan in Nigeria.

  1. Making use of Fidelity Bank USSD loan code
  2. Using the Fidelity Bank mobile app
  3. Visiting a Fidelity Bank branch near you

How to Request for a Fidelity Bank Loan Using USSD Code

To get a loan using the Fidelity Bank USSD code *770*08#, follow our below guide;

  1. Dial *770*08# from your registered bank SIM card
  2. Follow the correct on-screen command by replying with figures
  3. Accept your loan terms
  4. Insert your loan amount and verify with your transaction pin to complete application
  5. Get your credit alert within few minutes.

How to Request for a Fidelity Bank Loan Using Mobile App

  1. Download the Fidelity Bank mobile app
  2. Login with your banking details
  3. Go menu icon, scroll down a bit and select “FASTLOANS”
  4. View your available loan and eligibly status
  5. Accept loan terms and head to the next page
  6. Here you input your loan amount and repayment methods/options
  7. Click “GO” to view interest rates, management fees and other fees
  8. Complete application by verifying with your four digits transaction PIN
  9. Get your loan within few minutes

Getting a Loan by Visiting any Fidelity Bank Branch

To get a loan via this option, you need to

  1. Lookup Fidelity Bank branches near you via Google maps
  2. Go there with your valid document
  3. Head straight to the customer care representative and tell them why you came (they should direct you to the right office)
  4. Get the loan form and as for advice and terms of service by the loan expert
  5. Fill the form appropriately
  6. Submit your form and head home
  7. Receive your credit alert and use it wisely.

How to Pay Back Your Fidelity Bank Loan after Due Date

There is not much that is needed to be done from your end. All you have to do here is relax and wait for your loan to be deducted from your account when the repayment date is due

This means the Fidelity Bank designed an auto system for that. This system works handy with the repayment schedule and option you select while filling the loan request form.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay Back in Time?

If the loan repayment period is due and there is no enough balance in your account for Fidelity bank to do the auto debit, the loan will be on hold. This does not mean you won’t have to repay for the loan gain. Instead, it’s going to be more of a shift for your loan repayment.

Fidelity Bank will auto deducts their money when money is made available in your account one way or the other.

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