FCMB Bank Loan 2023: How to Apply for Loan from FCMB Bank in Nigeria

On this page, you will discover how to easily apply and get an approved FCMB Bank Loan.

First City Monument Bank also known as FCMB is one of the leading banks in Nigeria when it comes to customer satisfaction and divers service providers. The bank was first founded in Nigeria 10th of April 1982.

Since then, it was incorporated as a financial institute and licensed under the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to carry out financial services to Nigerians and foreigners within their jurisdiction.

Over the years, FCMB has proven to be a highly competitive bank as it is one of the top commercial banks serving Nigerians in recent time.

FCMB Loan 2023: Introduction, Loan Types & Eligibilities

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) has one of the top best loan offers you can get from any banking institute within the country. FCMB is one of the few financial and banking institutions in Nigeria which offers loan with low interest rate fees and which does not require collateral.

This simply means that anyone can apply for a loan from FCMB and get approved without having to drop any valuables as collateral for servicing the loan. We’ll walk you through on how to easily apply for FCMB bank loan as we proceed. For now, let’s take a look at some of the loan types offered by FCMB Nigeria.

Types of Loan offered by First City Monument Bank in Nigeria

Currently, FCMB has 5 basic loan types and they include;

  1. Personal loan
  2. Fast Cash loan
  3. Salary Plus loan
  4. Premium Salary loan
  5. Business loan

FCMB Bank Loan Requirement

Just like any other loan organization or body, FCMB Bank has certain criteria and requirement that has to be met before they can disburse loans. This is done to further create a well-structured and a more systematic loan interface.

So below are requirement that has to be met before anyone can qualify for the First City Monument Bank Loan in 2023.

  1. Must have an active FCMB bank account number
  2. Be minimum of 18 years
  3. Must have a BVN number
  4. Government issued ID card or work place ID card (as the case may be)
  5. Completion of the LOAN request form

FCMB Loan Application Methods

There are three ways to request for a loan from FCMB in 2023. These three methods include;

  1. Using FCMB Bank USSD code
  2. FCMB Mobile App for Android & IOS
  3. Visiting the bank

We’ll take you further on how you can successfully request for a loan using this three methods below.

NOTE: Loan request procedures and requirement  may defer, depending on type of loan you are requesting. Below is the general procedure to request for a loan from FCMB

How to Request for a FCMB Bank Loan Using USSD Code

This is the quickest way to request for a Fast Loan from FCMB. All you have to do here is input the FCMB USSD Loan Code and follow the on-screen command to activate your loan.

  1. Dial *329# from your registered SIM
  2. Follow the on-screen command to activate your desired loan from FCMB
  3. Enjoy your loan when received.

How to Request for a FCMB Bank Loan Using Mobile App

  • Download the FCMB mobile app on App Store or Playstore
  • Logon to your FCMB account with your valid details or signup for one
  • From the app, navigate to menu and scroll down to QUICK LOANS
  • Click on it to view your eligible loan offer
  • Select next and input desired amount (make sure its not more than your eligible amount)
  • Follow the on-screen command to activate your loan

How to request for a Loan by Visiting FCMB Bank branch

This is the easiest and most recommended method from us. This is because you will get to sit with the banking operatives directly.

This will sure help you in learning about the flexibilities, interest rates and all terms of each loans offered by FCMB. So let’s get started on how you can request for quick or business loan by visiting a FCMB branch near you.

  • Search for “Nearest FCMB Bank” on Google maps
  • Visit any of the bank branches with your recent passport, utility bill and a Government issued ID card.
  • Head directly to the customer care representative (or head straight to your account manage if possible)
  • Tell them you are here to request for a loan.
  • You will be provided with the loan request form and details about each loans (most importantly)
  • Fill the form appropriately and accept their terms
  • Submit your form will any other required details about you as directed by your account or branch manager.
  • Go home and wait for your loan to be credited into your account in roughly three working days.
  • Enjoy your loan

How to Pay Back Your FCMB Bank Loan after Due Date

Repayment of FCMB loan has little to no much work from your end. This means you don’t have to stress yourself in making any transfer to any bank.

In fact, if you receive any message like “send fund to a certain account as your loan repayment method”. Just don’t send the money it is a common way scammers use in extorting money from unfortunate person. Always ensure to be security cautious. The repayment method for FCMB loan is automated which means the loan amount will be deducted from your main account immediately its due.

What Happens if I Don’t Pay Back in Time?

In a situation where fund is not readily available in your account, the loan repayment will be on hold.

PS: this doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay again, instead it’s just a pause thing.

FCMB Bank will deduct money from your account as soon as fund is available in your account.

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