Cash App Routing Number 2022; How to Locate 041 & 073 & Set Up Direct Deposit on CashApp

Cash app routing number – First of all cash app is an electronic app that allows users to receive money from friends, business associates and family. Freelancers and online service providers have benefited enormously in the innovation of cash app since receiving payments from clients are now made easier with cash app.

About routing number

A routing number is a set of numbers that determine or infers where an account is being opened or where an account is domicile. Making reference to bank routing number, it’s the first set of numbers printed on the bottom of your cheque leave.

However, for your employer to send in your payments via cash app, you must have made available your cash app routine number to which your payments are guided safely into your account.

About cash app routing number

For the record, the routing number is a 9-digit numbers evenly located on your cash app account just below the cash balance screen on your app.

With the routing number you can receive a direct cash deposit into your cash app account without too many protocols or back and forth.

However, the cash app routing number have been modified into two different routing numbers in recent time.

The first is a set of numbers issued by the Sutton bank, while the second one is issued by the Lincoln savings bank.


  • Sutton bank issued – 041 215 663
  • Lincoln savings bank issued – 073 923 033.

Where the above numbers are all routing numbers, they work in different ways for various users which I will explain briefly.

For users who want to use Fedwire, the 073 cash app routing number is advised since the 041 does not accept Fedwire, however accepts the FedAch transfers.

The new and the old cash app routing number

The 041 number is referred to as the old routing number while the 073 is known as the new routing number.

Note: With the 073 or new number your cash deposit hits your account at the speed of light.

How to locate your cash app account number

As a cash app user you have been allotted a unique account number to enable you to send and receive funds, sometimes you may not have noticed how to locate your account number right on your app.

First of all you will need to download and install the cash app on your mobile device if you are a new user. For advance users,

  • kindly launch your app
  • Click on “Your balance” at the lower end of your screen
  • A 10-digit account number will be displayed.

How to locate your cash app routing number

  • Log in to your app as an advance user
  • Locate and hit the $ sign with your balance
  • You will see your 9-digit routing number under your cash balance
  • The cash app account number can be shared with your employer who’ll be sending in your direct deposit from time to time.

My employer said the cash app routing number isn’t working, what do I do?

Sometimes the routing number may seem not to work while trying to receive a direct deposit from your employer, you do not need to panic. Calm down, check and confirm that the below are in place.

  • Are you sure you gave your employer the latest routing number “073 923 033?” check and revert for correctness. Where you seem to have made a mistake, your employer should withdraw the money and send via “073 923 033”, do confirm if your employer sends the money via ACH or wire transfer.

  How to set up direct deposit on cash app using a routing number

Do you want to send someone money/direct deposit via the cash app, there’s no rocket science involved, I will do justice to that here and now?

There are basically two ways to send in direct cash deposit to cash app users, these include

  • Collecting the receiver’s cash app account number and routing number
  • By simply completing a “Direct deposit” form on the cash app

Sending via receiver’s cash app account and routing number

  • Log in to your cash app, click on “Banking”
  • Locate the deposit and transfer
  • Type in bank account and routing number
  • Click send

Sending by completing a direct deposit form

  • Log on to your cash app, click on “Banking”
  • Select deposit and transfers
  • Pick the get direct deposit form
  • Enter your employer details, amount you want deposited with paycheck and signature
  • Choose email form, type in the beneficiary address and send.

How to change my cash app routing number

It may be that you do not want your existing routing number, probably wants to change it?. The best way to get another routing number assigned to you is by opening another cash app account targeting a different location supposedly with your preferred routing number.

There’s also a provision to change your location may be to a state with your preferred routing number.

 Cash app limit post verification

Normally once you get onboard cash up, for a period of 30 days you may be able to send/withdraw maximum of $1,000, however verifying your details to increase your limit infers that you are 18 years and above.

How to verify cash app details

To verify your cash app details kindly forward the below details to cash app

  • Your ID and full name
  • SSN 4 numbers
  • Your date of birth.

What is Sutton bank cash app routing number?

There are basically two types of routing numbers, the 041 215 663 and the 073 923 033.

However, the 041 215 663 routing number is from Sutton bank. While the 073 923 033 is from the Lincoln savings account.

States with 07 routing number

Kindly find the below states with 07 routing number

State Routing number (07)
Indiana 074900783
Michigan 072000326
Illinois Northern 071904779
Iowa 073920418
Wisconsin 075000022

Cash app enable countries

Note: Cash app is available to residence of the U.S. and UK only.

Cash app customer service

For any reason you were unable to get help through cash app, kindly reach out by calling

Phone: 1 (800) 969-1940

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